Realizzer 3D allows you to create photo realistic designs and instantly view your light show in real-time on your PC. The software has a comprehensive library with many 3D models included such as Truss, Decorations and Stages etc.. With the Pro and Ultimate versions you have also the possibility to simulate complete laser and video installations (Lasergraph DSP & Pangolin Support) Also, custom created 3D models can be imported in over 20 formats (OBJ, 3DS, DAE, etc)

The simulation can be controlled with any DMX capable lighting control protocol such as ArtNET and SyncroNET or directly by a separate available USB-DMX Interface.


Using the latest Gaming technologies and known industry standard interfaces, Realizzer takes Pre-Visualization to a new Level. Realizzer is focuced on a high grade of usability and realism. Depending on your requirements, Realizzer is available in three different Editions: Basic, Professional and Ultimate.

The Realizzer License is protected with an USB-Security Dongle.
System Requirements

The most important component for Realizzer is always the CPU and graphic card. Realizzer works fine on most known gaming systems.

Minimum: 2 GHz Dual Core CPU, 1 GB RAM, DirectX 9 compatible graphic card with 512MB RAM, 1280 x 768 screen resolution, Free USB-Port for License Dongle, Windows Vista, 7, 8.

Recommend: Intel i7 CPU 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Gaming Level Graphics f.e. NVIDIA GTX680 or higher, Full HD Screen, Windows 7/8

Lighting Simulation
Intelligent Lighting

Realizzer realistically simulates Intelligent Lighting features such as Pan/Tilt, Gobo’s, Colour, Colour Mix (RGBAW / CMY), Effect wheels, Prisms, Zoom, Framing Shutters and much more. Scanners, Moving Heads, LED’s and Generic Profile spots all respond just like in the real environment. The Realizzer Engine produces photorealistic rendering of Beams and Projections with scaleable quality. Everything is based on real world photometrical calculations. Features like True 3D Fog and Bloom makes it more real than in reality!

Architecture Lighting

Realizzer gives you the power to quickly and easily create stunning LED designs from a simple 2D Matrix through to complex 3D Arrays.Import your own 3D Architectural Models and then use one of the many inbuilt design tools to arrange and patch complex LED fixtures to create breath taking designs.

Make Lighting Concepts and Preprogramming for Clubs, Fassades, Bridges and many more!

DMX Input

Realizzer supports ArtNET, RealNET and USB-DMX* to get DMX Data. So it is possible to use any DMX Lighting Console or Software available on marked to use with Realizzer.

By using our RealNET Ethernet protocol it is also possible to share realtime patching, selection and Hot-Tracking informations between Consoles and Realizzer. If you are a Console Manufacturer and interested in our RealNET SDK, send us an email.

Realistic Lasers

With control from Laser Animation Sollinger or Pangolin Beyond, realistic looking laser shows can be viewed and pre-programmed in real-time.

Realizzer is the first 3D Lighting Simulator that displays all physical laser effects such as Volumetric Fog Density, Scanner Inertia or Diodes with realistic wavelengths. Realizzer is also supplied with two stand-alone laser programs and some example shows.

Realtime Laser Data are recieved over Ethernet from Lasergraph DSP or Pangolin Beyond.

Video Screens & Projections

In Realizzer multiple video sources can be assigned to any Material or Video-Projector. A Video-Source can be powered by an offline Video-File which can be triggered either manually, via DMX or by real time Video input from any capture device. The Material editor also allows you to create all kinds of Video-/ LED Walls.

Video Projections

Using the same Video-Sources you can simulate multiple Video-Projectors. Realizzer also has in-build functions for realtime Geo-Correction and Offsets for Split-Screens and wall projections

Import 3D Models

Realizzer features an inbuild 3D-Model importer which supports known 3D-Formats such as 3D Studio Max 3DS, Wavefront OBJ, Collada DAE, Blender and many more. Easily build your own 3D Model with Programs like 3DMax, Cinema4D or SketchUp and import it with one click.


Realizzzer features a comprehensive Library with over 3,000 Lighting Fixtures and many 3D models and Materials

You can place any object or assign a Material by simply drag&drop into your 3D-World!

Fixture Builder

Realizzer also has an easy to use and powerful Fixture Builder enabling you to create your own Fixture Personality files. Import your own 3D-Models and take the advantage of the Scene graph concept. From a simple PAR through to a complex Multisegment LED Moving Head in just a few clicks.

Using the internal console or direct ArtNET Input from any console you can test your fixtures whilst creating them. If you have the real fixture it is possible to send out DMX-ArtNET from the internal console to compare Real- and 3D Fixture at the same time.