DEPENCEShow Control and Visualization System

Depence is the worldwide first Multimedia Fountain Control System, which enables visualizing in real-time for all show relevant medias like water, light, laser, music ect. in a realistic and photo-realistic area. Through a sophisticated and innovative interaction of hardware and software, you create complex shows much faster and more effective without leaving your office.

V:PAD offers as control software of Depence package dozens of functions, specially tailored for needs of complex Multimedia Fountain Shows that allows you to work more creative and efficient more than ever. Innovative structures and links of devices among each other, enables an amazing interaction between hardware and software. By intuitive user interfaces and complete visual patching, you do not loose the overview of thousands of devices.

V:PAD works directly for pre-visualization with V:3D Realtime Visualizer on a project. Several changes at fixtures etc. will be updated in 3D view in real-time.

V:3D is the worldwide first photo-realistic realtime visualization with a simultaneous focus on fountain systems and lighting technology. V:3D works according to the same physical and technical controlled principles as a real system. That enables a very realistic simulation and pre-programming of shows. With V:3D, you save not only time and money but you can also create perfect animations through the advanced graphic engine already before the planning stage and therefore you can significantly upgrade your offer.

Via the Syncronorm V:Server 3.0 19″ built-in unit, multimedia shows, created with Depence, can be played just in time in real systems. The server saves any number of shows with music on its 60GB hard disk which can be played on the basis of a time schedule, precisely to the second. It can be controlled up to 4 DMX-Universen (2,048 DMX circles) with one server. Via synchronization interfaces (SMPTE, NetTimecode, MTC), V:Server 3.0 can synchronize other devices or is synchronized by these. Furthermore, the device can also be controlled as fixture via DMX starting address of lighting control desks. Another possibility is a number of simple text commands which are transmitted via network or by direct entry to the server.

Our “V:Nano 512“ and “V:Nano 1024 music“ are the new DIN-rail fanless ruggedized embedded systems with extra low power CPU chipset. Made for more rugged environment, this compact unit supports wide temperature ranges and features DMX 512/1990 ports, isolated Ethernet port 10/100 Mbit, Micro SD card slot, 2x 16 LCD segment display. Its 8 x digital I/Os makes this unit as a perfect tool for all stand alone fountain multimedia show installations. The DIN-rail hardware family is compatible to all Depence architect or ultimate versions. Show Upload can be done via SD Card or local network.